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Importer & Wholesaler of New Zealand Honeys

Manuka Honey Importer & Wholesaler since 2017, Puri New Zealand offers you the finest treasures from the hive for B2B and B2C. Available in jars, buckets and drums, Honeys are harvested by our trusted beekeepers and certified by independent laboratories.

Silver Fern - Made in New Zealand

About us - Puri New Zealand

Thanks to our companies based in New Zealand (export) & Germany (import), we ensure the best Quality & Traceability for all our rare and pure Honeys. Adrien Besson (sales representative based in France) is one of the founders. He will be delighted to support your sweet Honey project.

New Zealand Honeys in BULK Drums and Buckets from Puri New Zealand

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New Zealand landscape with drone
Silver Fern - Made in New Zealand

Producteur & Exportateur :


NZ Ngauranga Ltd

Otago House, 9016 Dunedin,


Importateur & Distributeur :


Rastenberger GmbH

Carl-Zeiss-Ring 5, 99636 Rastenberg,



Votre contact :


Adrien Besson

Puri New Zealand

Chambéry, Savoie, France


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