Travel in New Zealand... For FREE!

Too good to be true?

What if traveling in New Zealand for free is possible?


The secret is... Relocation!


Find out in this article how relocation works and how to travel on a very low budget in New Zealand North and South islands.

Travel in NZ for FREE! With a relocated car

What is Relocation?

When car renting companies in New Zealand supply vehicles to their customers, they often end up with most of their cars in only one destination.


Relocation is the unique opportunity to bring them back for nearly free.


With a specific time-frame, you can travel through New Zealand (usually South to North) for only $1 per day. Fuel, insurance and ferry transportation are usually all included. But make sure to check in details the deal you found.


Not enough time for your holidays? By paying the standard car renting fee, you can extend your journey! This way you can amortize your trip as much as possible while having the perfect time-frame. Keep discovering!

Where is the Scam?

relocation cars in New Zealand

Well... There is none! It's a win-win situation.


Usually travelers go from Auckland (North island) to Christchurch or Queenstown (South island).


Your opportunity is to do exactly the opposite : fly first to the South island and then rent a relocated car to go up the country.


Car renting companies save costs by not moving their vehicles themselves, while travelers can drive for free. Of course, they got to be a bit flexible but that's all.

How to rent a Relocated Car?

You can use specific relocation websites. Your only challenge will be to find appropriate dates and offers that would suite your busy schedule.


Here are some suggestions for your Kiwi-holidays:


And... The main relocation website: Rental Car Relocation

Driving in New Zealand

Driving in New Zealand


  • A map is usually sufficient to have directions (easy road network)
  • Do not get mixed with wipers and indicators (opposite)
  • Highly recommended to have an automatic gearbox to stay fully focused on the road
  • Never drive after a long carrier flight, fatigue and new driving environment may cause serious accidents.

Before anything else, make sure to have your international driving license ready.


Driving in New Zealand is very similar to Europe (right give way remains on the right)... But with some specificities like driving on the left side.


Highway with tolls are very rare, there are usually national roads called Speed Highway (SH) limited at 100km/h (62 MPH).


Beware of secondary roads and weather. Some rural areas do have very damaged roads and the oceanic climate is very versatile. This may complicate your journey.


To be sure to drive on the right side of the road, remind yourself that the driver is always nearer the central line than passengers.



Finally, take time to stop next to points of interest and enjoy your New Zealand road trip with your $1/day relocated car. ;-)

Have you ever driven in New Zealand? How was the experience? Will you try relocation?

Let us know below!

Adrien Besson

About the author

After visiting New Zealand in 2016 and tasting its genuine Manuka honey, it unexpectedly became my daily job. Located myself in France (Chambéry, French Alps), we produce, import and introduce you some amazing Food & Beverage products from the antipodes. So prepare yourself for a mind blowing gourmet journey.

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