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New Zealand

With a personal will of promoting international commerce between New Zealand and Europe, my adventure started in Dunedin late 2015. Back then, I never expected finding such an original project to develop.


In Australia and New Zealand, finding a job preferably requires to be involved in a business network. It was a good opportunity since Kiwis like networking.


I was drinking one of those fruity NZ Riesling while I met Mirko, manager a NZNG. After discussions, we agreed to start making a market study for their products exported to France. I earned the status of "researcher".


NZNG, Otago House, Dunedin

This small subsidiary is located in the CBD of Dunedin, ground floor of the tallest building: the Otago House. It has all the advantages of the city while having access to rural areas where our bee-yards are making honey.

Adrien Besson Puri New Zealand
Adrien Besson, admin of Puri New Zealand.com

Manuka Honey?

Before going to New Zealand, I literally had no idea about what really was honey. Moreover, I always found it too sweet.


Everything changed while I tried New Zealand raw and pure Manuka honey. Its natural tea tree flavour was as unknown as delicious.


Discovery to share


I learned quickly health properties featured with Manuka honey, especially the antibacterial component (known as UMF, MGO, NPA...).


What a great opportunity to work for beekeepers and exporters at the same time !

4 months of market study

I do remember quite well my first working day where I had a list of NZ Food & Beverage products on my desk, used to understand our line of products.


"Manuka, Kanuka Kamahi, Rata, Rewarewa honeys, Central Otago wine, Wakame seaweed, dry-aged beef, beef jerky, Windsor blue..." And more. I clearly wasn't in France anymore.


Between studies and beekeeping


During 4 months, I made a market study necessary to highlight the market potential in France and Europe for those very interesting goods.


In parallel, I wore the beekeeping jacket and traveled across Otago to visit our bee-yards, feeding the bees for Winter and having a better understanding of this pleasant activity.

A special link between Humans and Bees

Beyond the commercial project, beekeeping in New Zealand introduced me to a special and tacit partnership between bees and beekeepers.


 Between April and July, we went around Dunedin in order to feed the bees for Winter. This is where I saw a wide variety of beautiful landscapes starting from the Ocean to hills and mountains.


Back to France


This is where we decided to develop this exciting export project in France, starting with Manuka honey as a main product.


Nowadays, I do have the opportunity to introduce a taste of New Zealand through honey for people who didn't have the chance to go there.

Puri Manuka honey 37g and 240g
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Beehive in New Zealand
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Bees in New Zealand
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New Zealand



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