3 unknown NZ honey types

What if I tell you there is not only Manuka honey worth to be tried in New Zealand? In fact, this country features plenty of endemic floral origins you have most likely never heard of. Kamahi, Rata and Rewarewa are three of them and they are all as unique as delicious. Introducing New Zealand's gourmet treasure.

Kamahi Honey

Kamahi trees (Weinmannia racemosa) are very common in New Zealand (North & South island) and grow in various places (from ocean coasts to subalpine mountains). Flowers are small and white, erected with smooth spikes. In terms gourmet tasting, this honey features a fruity flavour followed by a complex combination of fresh nut aromas.


Rata Honey

Rata (Metrosideros robusta) honey is probably what people around prefer most (and so do I!). Originally, this plant was considered as a parasite (tree strangler) since seeds are windblown and lodged into tree canopies. Eventually roots spread to the ground, following the hollow trunk from above. Rata only establishes in trees that are already in decline, giving them a « second life ». Nature is fascinating ! Rata has red spiky flowers and grows in rainforests (West coast of the South island). If you think the floral origin is rather special, wait for the honey ! Rata honey is sweet and delicate, with somewhat of an aromatic sea salt taste.


Rewarewa Honey

Then, Rewarewa (Knightia excelsa) of the family of Proteaceae (honeysuckle) grows up to 30 meters high with red star shaped flowers. Abundant of nectar, the honey tastes slightly like Manuka with the same amber robe and a strong deep malted taste. Moreover, Rewarewa features healing properties similar to Manuka (ongoing studies).


Coming up in 2018 on Puri New Zealand.com

Puri Kamahi Honey New Zealand
Yellow Puri Koru
Puri Rata Honey New Zealand
Red Puri Koru
Puri Rewarewa Honey New Zealand
Orange Puri Koru

Special thanks to Phil Bendle for letting us publishing his pictures from his website: http://www.terrain.net.nz

Adrien Besson

About the author

After visiting New Zealand in 2016 and tasting its genuine Manuka honey, it unexpectedly became my daily job. Located myself in France (Chambéry, Savoie), we produce, import and introduce you some amazing premium Food & Beverage products from the antipodes. So prepare yourself for a mind blowing gourmet journey.

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